Problem Sewage Treatment Systems

Are you experiencing issues with your present sewage treatment system?

Is the effluent from your system failing the Environment Agency’s ‘Consent to Discharge'?

Is the effluent from the plant like that shown in the photographs below?

Discharge point showing sewage fungusPhotograph of an actual discharge from a new packaged sewage works showing tremendous sewage fungus growth from the outfall pipe.
The actual BOD5 strength of the sewage was approximately 600 mg/l (it should have been 30 mg/l), therefore this discharge was illegal!

We have dealt with problems on differing types of treatment plants, from all the major and minor treatment companies such as Klargester, Clearwater, Entec, Hepworth, WPL, Titan, Conder, Biotank, Biodigester, Balmoral and of course reed beds systems and traditional filter bed treatment systems.

Sewage FungusAs we are a completely independent company, we can offer truly impartial advice on any problems you may have with any of these types of sewage treatment systems.  We are proud to say that we have a close working relationship with the Environment Agency and often work together with them to help resolve various types of pollution problems, including those shown above.