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Well Water, Grey Water & Rainwater Harvesting

SPE Limited specialise in a range of rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling, residential, commercial and industrial water treatment systems.

Rain Water Harvesting

Our systems are ideally suited for residential, commercial and industrial rain water harvesting, grey water recycling and waste water treatment systems.

The team at SPE carry vast technical and commercial experience in the United Kingdom and offer a wide range of systems:

Rain Water Harvesting

Our rainwater recycling systems collect rain water from roofs and/or hard standings to re-use for varied appliances such as irrigation, laundry/dishwasher water supply, wash hand basins/showers, toilet flushing etc.

Grey Water Recycling

The collection of grey water from baths/showers to re-use for toilet flushing within the Household, Leisure Centres, Hotels, Caravan Sites, Apartment Buildings, Military Establishments, Laundry Water Recycling, Hospitals, Housing Estates etc.

Well Water

Well water, if you are lucky enough to have a well, can be used for either drinking or irrigation purposes. SPE can test the water to see if comes up to British drinking water standards and, in some cases, can treat it to make it suitable for consumption. However, as this can be a very costly exercise, this 'grey' water, collected via a rainwater harvesting system, can be utlilised for household washing or irrigation purposes.

SPE offer expert advice for all your pumping needs and go to great lengths to ensure the products supplied to our customers are of the highest quality and are backed up by a genuine manufacturers warranty. Our customer base extends from private gardens to blue chip multinational companies nationwide.

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