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Spill Kits

We can supply highly adsorbent material in a range of configurations, including pads, rolls and booms etc.  Our spill kit sorbents are made from meltdown polypropylene - also known as MBPP.  They are highly adsorbent thanks to the vast quantity of very small fibres inside each pad, roll, sock, pillow or boom.  This allows them to adsorb up to 20 times their own weight.

All sorbents are available in various configurations in order to suit every application. Configurations include pads, rolls, booms, socks, pillows, and drum top covers, and all of these are also available as part of a Spill Kit, containing a variety of these configurations.

There are three main types of sorbents:

Oil only
They adsorb all oil based liquids and repel water.  This makes them unique in the fact that they can float on water and will only adsorb the oil.  Oil only sorbents are designed to adsorb various oils including lubricants, fuels, mineral oils, as well as vegetable oils (corn, olive etc).

These adsorb all kinds of industrial liquids (both water and oil based).  They are ideal for use in factories whereby one has many different liquids including cutting fluids, lubricants, coolants etc.  They are, however, NOT recommended for aggressive fluids such as acids and bases.

They are specifically designed to adsorb aggressive fluids such as acids and bases.  They are the ideal adsorbant for use in laborotories and other areas where aggressive fluids are present.

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